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Harmonizing broadcast TV and cellular: DVB approves commercial requirements for DVB-I over 5G

The DVB Project has approved commercial requirements for DVB-I service support over 5G networks and systems. Work has already commenced in DVB’s Technical Module to provide extensions to the relevant existing specifications – including DVB-I service discovery and DVB-DASH – to address the use cases and requirements collected and… Read More

DVB prepares the way for advanced 4K and 8K broadcast and broadband television

Commercial requirements approved for the addition of new video codecs to the DVB toolbox. The DVB Project has endorsed commercial requirements for next generation video codecs to pave the way for advanced 4K and 8K services. Work will now commence to investigate the technical compliance of the candidate codecs… Read More

ARD and EKT join the DVB Project

DVB is pleased to announce two new Members: the German public broadcasting organization ARD and the set-top box manufacturer EKT. ARD The ARD – the long form of which translates as the “Association of Public Broadcasting Corporations in the Federal Republic of Germany” – is composed of nine self-governed… Read More

DVB seeks proposals for a skeleton DVB-I Central Service List Registry

The DVB Project has today issued a Request for Proposals for the development and validation of a skeleton DVB-I Central Service List Registry (CSR). Proposals must be submitted to the DVB Project Office by 09:00 CEST on Friday 30 July 2021. Click to download the Request for Proposals (PDF)… Read More


The Turkish company ASELSAN has become a Member of the DVB Project. ASELSAN Based in Ankara, ASELSAN is a defence electronics company whose product portfolio includes communication systems for military and public safety, space technologies, navigation and avionic systems, transportation, security, traffic, automation and medical systems. The company dedicates… Read More

Native IP promises a new world of possibilities for video delivery

Last week’s webinar on the forthcoming Native IP solution from DVB set out an inspiring vision for future media delivery: a file-based, IP-delivered video system leveraging broadcast networks to reach smart TVs and set-top boxes, but also any IP-connected device, via IP gateways in homes and businesses. Following an… Read More

DVB-CI evolves to meet pay-TV needs worldwide

The continued evolution of the CI Plus family of specifications is opening new horizons for pay-TV operators and consumers alike. That was one of the key takeaways from this week’s DVB webinar titled When USB meets Pay-TV – an update on CI Plus. In particular, the new USB form… Read More

Netflix and TCL join the DVB Project

DVB is pleased to welcome two new Members to the organization: Netflix and TCL. Netflix Netflix is one of the world’s leading entertainment services with 204 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. The… Read More

Standards pave the way for Targeted Advertising growth on broadcast TV

The number of registrations for today’s webinar on Targeted Advertising surpassed any previous DVB webinar, showing clearly that this is a topic of great interest for the industry. It was the second of a two-part series, presented in collaboration with the HbbTV Association, aiming to explain how Targeted Advertising (TA)… Read More

An oral history of the birth of DVB SimulCrypt

In January 2021, we learned that DVB’s work on common encryption was to be recognized with a Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award. To mark this honour, we invited some of those who were involved in the commercial and technical work that led to SimulCrypt to share their memories of… Read More

Targeted Advertising: from specification to implementation

Stefano Braghieri (Mediaset) Mediaset, the major Italian commercial broadcaster, has been involved as a DVB Member for many years, taking advantage of the opportunity to contribute to the definition and standardization of new technologies. Since the days of MHP, we have understood that a deep involvement in DVB and other… Read More

Internet-centric, broadcast-bred – a challenging mix

Peter MacAvock (EBU), Chair of the DVB Project Over the last two years or so, DVB has shifted to promoting itself as internet-centric. But what does this mean? It’s about changing mindsets, shifting focus, revamping old working methods, and accompanying (encouraging? dragging?!) industry stakeholders into the future, all while retaining… Read More