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Updates to DVB-I spec and implementation guidelines published

The most recent meeting cycle of DVB’s Technical and Commercial Modules led to the approval for publication of updates to two DVB BlueBooks related to DVB-I, the internet-centric mechanism to signal and discover television services, whether they are delivered over IP networks or broadcast networks. BlueBook A177r6 is… Read More

DVB World keynotes to address IP transition challenges for the TV industry

The full line-up of keynote speakers for DVB World 2024 was confirmed this week. The event, which takes place in Munich on 19 and 20 March, will open with talks from Bayerischer Rundfunk’s Senior Head of Distribution Sophie Lersch, Silicon Valley veteran Thierry Fautier, Zattoo’s Engineering Director Stefan… Read More

ESA's David Peilow to chair DVB Commercial Module

David Peilow, who works as a Telecoms Systems Engineer at the European Space Agency, is the new chair of the DVB Commercial Module. He replaces Martyn Lee, formerly of Sky, who stepped down last November having held the role since 2018. The Commercial Module (CM) is an… Read More

DVB welcomes Noovo as a Member

The DVB Steering Board has approved the membership of Noovo, a Taiwan-based company providing solutions for digital content delivery over satellite. Noovo is developing an end-to-end solution that leverages the DVB-NIP (Native IP delivery) specification to target different applications (public and home entertainment, education and more). The company… Read More

Regulatory environment for DVB-I taking shape in Italy

The publication, in December, of release 2.1 of the Italian UHD Book marked a significant step towards the full deployment of DVB-I in that market. Most of the preconditions for the creation of a labelling regime for compliant TV sets – known in Italy as a bollino –… Read More

Improved conformance tool helps ensure interoperability for DASH delivery

A freely available tool that validates the conformance of DASH content to relevant media specifications has been improved thanks to a collaboration between five industry bodies. The DASH-IF Conformance Tool is available as either an online service or open-source software. DASH is a streaming technology that allows… Read More

DVB RfP seeks test content for AVMSD service-prominence signalling

The DVB Project has issued a request for proposals (RfP) for the creation of streams that could be used to test signalling of service prominence, newly added to the DVB-SI (Service Information) specification. The signalling aims to support the implementation of the EU’s Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD). Read More

RfP released for DVB-MABR validation tool

DVB has today issued a request for proposals (RfP) to supply an open-source tool for the verification and validation of DVB-MABR, the specification for adaptive media streaming over IP multicast. Proposals should be submitted by 8 January 2024. Updates will be posted on the RfPs page of this… Read More

First chair of the DVB Project recognized with fellowship

At the recent 2023 General Assembly, DVB’s chair Peter MacAvock announced that the person who first held that position has been made an Honorary Fellow of the DVB Project. Peter Kahl was sadly unable to be present in person for the ceremony, but sent his warm regards from his… Read More

DVB to consider energy efficiency when creating commercial requirements for specs

A DVB study mission on energy-aware service delivery and consumption has delivered its final report, published today as DVB BlueBook S100. Its central recommendation is to create a dedicated working group that will help to ensure energy efficiency is taken into account in the future development of DVB… Read More

Members elect a new Steering Board for the DVB Project

Last week’s General Assembly of the DVB Project elected a new Steering Board, to serve for the coming two years. It includes representatives of 43 companies across DVB’s four member constituencies. The companies represented on the DVB Steering Board 2023–2025 are as follows: Manufacturers / software suppliers: ATEME, Dolby, ENENSYS, Ericsson, Fraunhofer… Read More

DVB-TA watermarking test streams now available

A new set of test streams has been added to DVB’s V&V (Verification & Validation) resources. The streams allow implementers of DVB Targeted Advertising (DVB-TA) to test the use of watermarking as a means of signalling the presence of advertising breaks or other content replacement opportunities. DVB-TA enables… Read More