Verification & Validation

In 2018, the DVB Steering Board recognized the need for a renewed focus on the implementation of DVB’s technologies. While this naturally covers the specifications themselves, it increasingly applies to providing testing, verification and validation (V&V) elements as an integral part of the DVB process.

Thus, the end of DVB’s process in the Commercial Requirements phase now includes the provision of V&V requirements aimed at accelerating the implementation of its technologies in the market place, rather than just producing requirements for a technical specification; the Technical Module will have a corresponding end point to its work including V&V on any new specifications.

This page will list V&V tools provided or supported by DVB.

HDR Test Content

As of Q4 2019, DVB has made available uncompressed high dynamic range (HDR) content that can be used to create bitstreams for the validation of HDR Dynamic Mapping solutions. The content is hosted by the EBU.

For information and to request access, please contact Emily Dubs (

DASH Validator

Development co-funded by DVB and the HbbTV Association. (Background information.)