Founded in 1993, the DVB Project is an industry-led consortium of the world’s leading media and technology companies working together to design open technical specifications for digital media delivery.

DVB Members collaborate through our working groups to develop specifications for digital television systems, which are turned into standards by international standards bodies, usually ETSI. Once specifications have become standards, they are promoted for international adoption and utilization.

DVB specifications are the result of the united efforts of many individuals who spent thousands of hours designing new solutions to new problems. Both the extremely valuable contributions of the many individuals and the co-operation of the organizations involved are highly appreciated.

DVB specifications are commercially driven and maximize the use of common solutions across broadcast – satellite, cable, terrestrial – and broadband networks. The success of our standards benefits both the DVB Members who develop them and the industry as a whole.

Get involved!

While DVB’s work has reached a high level of maturity, there remains much to be done as the industry adapts to an increasingly broadband-focused world, where broadcasting nevertheless continues to play a vital role. Join us in specifying the transition to seamless hybrid broadband-broadcast services and delivery!

DVB Trademarks

DVB and the DVB logo marks are registered trademarks of the DVB Project and are managed by DVB Services Sàrl. Use of these trademarks, both the name mark and the logo marks, are subject to a number of rules and require the approval of the DVB Project Office. Whenever DVB trademarks are used, their ownership must be acknowledged.

To apply for a DVB Trademark Authorized User Agreement, please visit DVB Services.

Domain Names with “DVB”

As owner of the DVB trademark and in an effort to avoid confusion in the marketplace, DVB, directly or through DVB Services Sàrl, discourages the use of the name DVB in all top level domain names and CC extensions of entities engaged in digital television and associated industries. This is particularly the case for domain names which start with the letters “dvb” (e.g. dvbchina, dvbsettopbox, etc).

DVB Identifiers

To aid the unique identification of DVB broadcasts, DVB networks and interactive applications, DVB Services Sàrl acts as a registration authority for all DVB identifiers. All DVB broadcasts, whether over satellite, cable, terrestrial or IP networks, use DVB’s Service Information (DVB-SI, EN 300 468) standard to help receivers automatically tune to available broadcasts.

TS 101 162 defines the allocation of identifiers pertaining to different DVB specifications (e.g. MHP, SI, Data Broadcasting, etc).

To apply for an identifier, or to see a complete listing of all allocated identifiers, please visit: www.dvbservices.com.