ARD and EKT join the DVB Project

DVB is pleased to announce two new Members: the German public broadcasting organization ARD and the set-top box manufacturer EKT.


The ARD – the long form of which translates as the “Association of Public Broadcasting Corporations in the Federal Republic of Germany” – is composed of nine self-governed regional public broadcasting corporations. They are independent from the state or government and are publicly funded. The ARD offers a diversity of programmes on television, radio and several online platforms. 

Wolfgang Wagner, Head of the Production and Technology Commission at ARD said “We are very happy to join the DVB Project. As one of the biggest public service broadcasting associations within Europe we consider it an obligation to be part of the Research & Development effort in this important field that will secure our future.”


Headquartered in China and with offices in Hong Kong, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands and Colombia, EKT designs and manufactures a range of DVB set-top boxes for satellite, terrestrial and cable reception, including hybrid IP-connected models. EKT also offers multicast ABR (MABR) gateways from various providers.

“EKT has been delivering CPE (customer-premises equipment) devices with an integrated DVB front-end from our inception. As one of the founders of, the open source DVB software stack, EKT recognizes the historical and future importance of DVB in the delivery of content” said Richard Smith, CEO of EKT.

“Now with the world changing to IP-based video delivery and EKT already offering MABR as standard, we are eager to join the DVB working groups once again, to ensure EKT can play its part in the ongoing DVB-MABR standardization. We are looking forward to contributing to and implementing the DVB-MABR standard and to help our customers deliver quality video to TVs and mobile devices alike.”

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