DVB seeks proposals for a skeleton DVB-I Central Service List Registry

The DVB Project has today issued a Request for Proposals for the development and validation of a skeleton DVB-I Central Service List Registry (CSR). Proposals must be submitted to the DVB Project Office by 09:00 CEST on Friday 30 July 2021.

DVB-I offers a standards-based solution to delivering content – live, linear, OTT and on-demand – in the internet age. The DVB-I specification sets out a means for internet-connected devices (with or without a DVB tuner) to discover lists of media services that may be delivered over broadband or broadcast networks.

What is a CSR?

DVB-I clients, which could be anything from smartphones, tablets and laptops to TV sets, set-top boxes and USB sticks, require a means to find one or more service lists. This is referred to as service list discovery. The client may have one or more built-in or privately provisioned service list URLs or it may make use of one or more service list registries. These may be operated by, or on behalf of, various kinds of organizations such as the manufacturer of the device, a national or regional regulator, or an operator or platform brand serving only their own clients.

The specification also allows for a Central Service List Registry (CSR), operated for the benefit of all devices implementing the DVB-I client, providing information on a wide set of service lists known to that registry. A CSR could potentially play a role in kickstarting a horizontal market for DVB-I. The creation of a skeleton CSR is intended to provide the DVB Project with a means of verifying how a fully functional CSR would perform under conditions defined within the RfP.

Potential responders to the RfP should note that questions for further clarification can be submitted until 09:00 CEST on Thursday 24 June 2021.

Update – 3 July

Click here to download a document (PDF) providing answers to questions that were received from potential responders.

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