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Elfed Howells to chair DVB Promotion & Communications Module

The working group responsible for ensuring the flow of information about DVB’s work and specifications has a new chair. Elfed Howells, who represents DVB Member Hisilicon Technologies (a subsidiary of Huawei), was elected as chair of the Promotion & Communications Module during December. The next PCM meeting is… Read More

New Italian receiver spec foresees mandatory DVB-I support

The latest version of the Italian UHD Book, published earlier this month, introduces the prospect of mandatory support of DVB-I in receivers. While the requirement is subject to the fulfilment of several preconditions, the step is nevertheless a strong endorsement of DVB-I as a key element of the future media… Read More

DVB Targeted Advertising standards published by ETSI

The first two parts of the DVB specification for Targeted Advertising (DVB-TA), enabling dynamic substitution of content in linear broadcasts, have this week been published by ETSI as formal standards. TS 103 752-1 covers Carriage and signalling of placement opportunity information in DVB Transport Streams, while TS 103 752-2… Read More

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