How we work

The DVB Project is is organized in four main modules that are governed by the General Assembly and its Steering Board.

The chart below illustrates the main steps in DVB’s workflow. (Click to enlarge.)

The Commercial and Technical Modules are the driving force behind the development of the DVB specifications, supported by the Intellectual Property Rights Module and the Promotion & Communications Module.

The ad hoc sub-groups are where the DVB specifications are developed. Sitting beneath the Modules and focusing on specific topics, they work towards clearly defined goals.

Proposing new work for DVB

Here we provide guidance on how new ideas can be fed into DVB’s working process, as described above.

Ideas can come from a variety of sources:

  • Internally: from discussions within working groups or modules
  • Externally: based on market experience or research of a company
  • Request/proposal from a DVB liaison partner
  • From discussions at DVB World, IBC or other industry events

The proposal should describe the background to the topic and the potential need for specification work.

DVB Members can download a template from our member portal.

For work to proceed within the DVB Project, a minimum level of support from among the membership is required. This is defined in the Rules and Procedures as coming from five or more members of the Commercial Module, drawn from at least two constituencies – sometimes referred to as the “5 from 2” rule – and an indication that there is support from the full value chain.

Those seeking support for a potential work item may request the opportunity to address the Commercial Module or one of its subgroups; propose a session on the topic at DVB World; send an email to the appropriate DVB working group list; etc.

Once the Commercial Module has verified that a proposal has sufficient support (“5 from 2”), the work item can proceed by consensus.

Depending on the nature of the proposal, its relation to existing DVB solutions, the maturity of the technology, etc., the Commercial Module may either create a Study Mission (usually reporting to an existing working group or to a module) or move straight to tasking a working group with drawing up Commercial Requirements. A new working group may be created in some circumstances.

Where a proposal has not gathered sufficient support from the membership, the DVB Steering Board may nevertheless, by consensus, launch a work item.

Non-members of the DVB Project can also develop a proposal for a new work item. However, for such a proposal to be considered, it must still achieve the required level of support from among existing DVB Members, as described in the steps above.


DVB’s workplan sets out information, including anticipated completion dates, about current DVB work items within the CM and TM. Updated two to three times per year, it helps to provide focus for the DVB process and to ensure that solutions are even more market-orientated and timely.

Download DVB Workplan (updated July 2024)

You can find a high-level view of DVB’s workplan on the front page of our website.