The DVB Project is is organized in four main modules that are governed by the General Assembly and its Steering Board.

The chart below illustrates the main steps in DVB’s workflow. (Click to enlarge.)

The Commercial Module and Technical Module are the driving force behind the development of the DVB specifications, with the Intellectual Property Rights Module addressing IPR issues and the Promotion & Communications Module dealing with the promotion of DVB around the globe.

The ad hoc sub-groups are where the real development of the DVB specifications takes place. Originating from the Modules and focusing on specific topics, they work towards clearly defined goals. Made up of experts, they are the beating heart of the DVB Project.

DVB General Assembly, November 2019
DVB General Assembly, 13 November 2019


DVB’s workplan sets out information, including anticipated completion dates, about current DVB work items within the CM and TM. Updated two to three times per year, it helps to provide focus for the DVB process and to ensure that solutions are even more market-orientated and timely.

You can find a high-level view of DVB’s workplan on the front page of our website.