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DVB welcomes Quadrille as a Member

The DVB Steering Board has approved the membership of Quadrille. Based in Paris, Quadrille is an independent software and service provider specializing in over-the-air content delivery. Its multicast solutions target real-world requirements in industries as diverse as media, entertainment, transportation, and public and military infrastructures. Read More

Steering Board approves DVB-TA watermarking and DVB Home Broadcast spec

Last week’s meeting of the DVB Steering Board approved the publication of two BlueBooks, one an updated specification and the other a new specification. The DVB Targeted Advertising specification has been updated (BlueBook A178-1r1) to include watermarking as an alternative way to signal where content can be inserted in… Read More

New test package to help implementers of DVB-S2X beam hopping

The most recent update to the DVB-S2X specification added support for beam hopping, a technique that enables more efficient use of satellite resources. DVB has now published a set of materials for “Verification & Validation” of DVB-S2X beam hopping implementations. Freely available for download from the DVB website, this… Read More

DVB's foundational work on Common Encryption receives Emmy Award

DVB’s pioneering work on Common Encryption has been honoured with an Emmy® Award for Technology and Engineering. The DVB SimulCrypt standard, that was developed in the 1990s, created the foundations upon which pay television prospers throughout the world today. Common Encryption was first adopted in the mid-1980s by the… Read More

Synaptics and Twise join the DVB Project

DVB is pleased to welcome two new Members to the organization: the Steering Board has this month approved the memberships of Synaptics Inc. and Twise SAS. Synaptics Headquartered in California, Synaptics Inc. has been developing integrated circuits for user interface solutions since 1986. The… Read More

Elfed Howells to chair DVB Promotion & Communications Module

The working group responsible for ensuring the flow of information about DVB’s work and specifications has a new chair. Elfed Howells, who represents DVB Member Hisilicon Technologies (a subsidiary of Huawei), was elected as chair of the Promotion & Communications Module during December. The next PCM meeting is… Read More

New Italian receiver spec foresees mandatory DVB-I support

The latest version of the Italian UHD Book, published earlier this month, introduces the prospect of mandatory support of DVB-I in receivers. While the requirement is subject to the fulfilment of several preconditions, the step is nevertheless a strong endorsement of DVB-I as a key element of the future media… Read More

DVB Targeted Advertising standards published by ETSI

The first two parts of the DVB specification for Targeted Advertising (DVB-TA), enabling dynamic substitution of content in linear broadcasts, have this week been published by ETSI as formal standards. TS 103 752-1 covers Carriage and signalling of placement opportunity information in DVB Transport Streams, while TS 103 752-2… Read More

Witness the future of media delivery at unique DVB DEMOS event

On Thursday 26 November, we will host DVB DEMOS 2020, an all-day online event bringing the industry together to witness the future of media delivery. Fourteen different exhibitors will participate in the event, showcasing products and services based on the latest generation of internet-centric specifications from DVB, comprising DVB-I (including… Read More

Next steps confirmed for DVB work on Multicast ABR and Native IP

The 96th meeting of the DVB Steering Board (SB) took place this week. Among the key decisions were the approval of the Commercial Requirements for the second phase of work on DVB-MABR and the endorsement of the arrangements for a new technical working group on Native IP. Multicast ABR Phase… Read More

DVB fellowship awarded to Graham Mills

At yesterday’s 2020 General Assembly, Graham Mills was made an Honorary Fellow of the DVB Project. While such presentations are usually made in person, in this case he joined the entirely online meeting from his home in the UK. Introducing him, DVB chair Peter MacAvock noted Graham’s long association… Read More

DVB-I and DVB-MABR published as ETSI standards

ETSI has this week published two of DVB’s new landmark specifications as formal standards. TS 103 770 specifies Service Discovery and Programme Metadata for DVB-I Services and TS 103 769 is for Adaptive media streaming over IP multicast. Both DVB-I and DVB-MABR will feature strongly during the… Read More