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DVB World 2022 – what happened next?

A webinar on Thursday 3 November at 14:00 CET will run through the sessions hosted last May during the DVB World 2022 unconference and ask what happened next in each case. The date and venue for DVB World 2023 will also be announced. Click here to register for… Read More

DVB works towards improved handling of accessibility features in HbbTV

The DVB Project has published a set of Commercial Requirements for the extension and revision of some core DVB specifications to support better signalling of accessibility services. The work relates specifically to the HbbTV Accessibility Framework. The Commercial Requirements, published as DVB BlueBook C102, will guide technical… Read More

Unlocking the full potential of content through media objects

Object-based media. As a technical concept, it’s one that’s fairly well understood in our industry: rather than delivering content as a single asset, OBM delivers a collection of well-described individual assets, with additional data that enables content to respond to the user, either through direct interaction or through stored preferences and customization to the individual’s device. Read More

Opportunity knocks with DVB Native IP

We invited representatives of the companies that have been most active in developing and promoting DVB’s new solution for native IP broadcasting, DVB-NIP, to share their thoughts on where the most interesting opportunities are likely to emerge. Read what they wrote (below the video). Broadpeak Guillaume Bichot, Director… Read More

Developing a DVB-I strategy for broadcasters in Italy

Having recently presented the results of its DVB-I proof of concept (PoC), a set of technical tests and developments that started in 2020, Mediaset is now ready to proceed with a market trial in the field, expected to start in 2023. This article, by Marco Pellegrinato, sets out the motivation behind Mediaset's DVB-I activities and the objectives of the market trial. Read More

Major pilot of DVB-I launched in Germany

Stakeholders from the media industry, including broadcasters, device manufacturers, software providers and research companies have today announced the start of the “German DVB-I Pilot”. The project, with 19 organizations involved, aims to develop a common understanding of the capabilities of DVB-I and of a standardized future scenario to… Read More

DVB Scene 60: DVB-I in Germany and Italy, Native IP implementers, and more

You can now download the latest issue of DVB Scene, with articles on the kick-off of DVB-I trials in Germany and Italy, the business opportunities opened up by DVB Native IP, the addition of AVS3 to the DVB video coding toolbox, and the promise of object-based media. There’s… Read More

How will DVB’s latest generation of solutions drive future media delivery?

DVB’s overarching objective remains to provide solutions for the media delivery industry to capitalize on new technologies and market opportunities. These solutions take the form of technical specifications that address diverse market needs while collectively offering pathways to a new media delivery paradigm based on open standards. So, what does this new paradigm look like and how do these specifications all fit together? Read More

DVB-I, Native IP and much more at IBC2022

The DVB Project Office is working with several DVB Members to prepare exciting technology demonstrations for the upcoming IBC2022 tradeshow. The three-year break caused by the COVID pandemic means there are many new things to show and discuss, with two principal solutions in the spotlight: DVB-I and DVB-NIP. Read More

DVB to investigate three new potential work areas

The DVB Steering Board has approved the launch of three new study missions that may lead to new standardization activities. The organization’s Commercial Module will oversee preliminary studies on object-based media, energy-aware service delivery and consumption, and low-latency interactive services. The 102nd meeting of the Steering Board took… Read More

AVS3 codec added to DVB’s media delivery toolbox

The DVB Project has added the AVS3 codec to its core specification for the use of video and audio coding in broadcast and broadband applications. This follows the addition of VVC earlier this year and marks the first time DVB has added a codec from the Audio and… Read More

Highlighting DVB's solutions for media on the web

Peter MacAvock, chair of the DVB Project, represented the organization at last week’s Fraunhofer FOKUS Media Web Symposium in Berlin. He presented the latest developments from DVB, with a focus on DVB-I, complementing on-site demonstrations that showcased German public broadcaster ARD’s service list on the Fraunhofer FOKUS DVB-I client. Read More