DVB survey seeks inputs for energy-related Study Mission

The DVB Study Mission on energy-aware service delivery and consumption, which kicked off its work late in 2022, is reviewing and analysing energy-related aspects of DVB systems. The group has released a survey to gather inputs from the wider industry. The survey is open until the end of February.

The CM-SM-EADC group aims to identify the potential need for new or revised specifications to allow energy-efficient options during service delivery and consumption in delivery networks and home networks. Its scope also includes the impact of DVB specifications on IRDs (integrated receiver/decoders) and AV output systems.

The survey is important, as the groups work will be driven by commercial use cases, considering what is feasible today, and identifying any gaps for future work.

The Study Mission is co-chaired by Erik Reinhard (InterDigital) and Julien Lemotheux (Orange).

Click here to access the survey.