DVB World 2022 – what happened next?

A webinar on Thursday 3 November at 14:00 CET will run through the sessions hosted last May during the DVB World 2022 unconference and ask what happened next in each case. The date and venue for DVB World 2023 will also be announced.

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DVB World 2022 adopted an unconventional new format, being run as an unconference. This meant the agenda was co-created by the participants during the event itself. The result was a set of around 25 sessions covering a very wide range of themes, from DVB-I and video coding to multicast, targeted advertising, and the future of media delivery, and indeed of the DVB Project itself.

Up to five sessions ran in parallel at any one time during the day. The result was wealth of discussion and debate, leading to several proposals for new activities and collaborations.

Next week’s webinar will provide a brief summary of what was discussed at each session and will highlight any related actions that have been completed since the event. In some cases, the respective session hosts will be invited to provide an update live during the webinar.

Planning for next year’s DVB World is already under way and an update will be provided during the webinar.