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DVB's role in the fight against climate change

Jigna Chandaria (BBC) Climate change is one of the biggest threats to human existence, and tackling it requires urgent action at every level. While watching television is a very low carbon activity, its cumulative impact means that we in the broadcasting industry have a responsibility to adapt the way we… Read More

A proactive approach to European media regulation

For several months now, a DVB task force has been looking into how a key European directive affecting media services can be implemented in a consistent manner in DVB-based systems. The aim is to help avoid unnecessary fragmentation in the market. The EU’s Audi Read More

DVB-I and Native IP to the fore at DEMOS 2021

Last week’s second edition of the online DVB DEMOS event provided ample evidence that DVB’s new IP-centric solutions are well placed to drive the future of media delivery. Fifteen DVB Member companies showcased their latest products and services based on new or forthcoming DVB specifications, including several multi-vendor… Read More

DVB supports joint project to improve DASH conformance software

A new project involving five leading industry organizations aims to improve web-based software that is used to test the technical conformance of DASH content. DASH is a standards-based solution that enables the delivery of live and on-demand TV content over the open internet via HTTP adaptive streaming. Originally developed… Read More

Work begins on Central Service List Registry for DVB-I

The DVB Project has engaged Sofia Digital to build a skeleton Central Service List Registry (CSR) for DVB-I. The first phase of the work is a proof of concept, to validate the technical approach taken in the DVB-I standard; under the second phase, the implementation will be made freely available… Read More

DVB Scene 58: video codecs, DVB-I over 5G, terrestrial UHD, and more

You can now download the September 2021 issue of DVB Scene. The new issue of DVB Scene magazine includes articles covering a wide range of DVB solutions and specifications, from the ongoing work on video codecs, Native IP and DVB-I over 5G, to market developments related to terrestrial UHD… Read More

Discover how 15 DVB Members are implementing the future of media delivery

DVB DEMOS returns on 30 September: livestream from 10:00 to 12:00 CEST; private meetings and demos from 13:00 to 18:00. Building on the success of last year’s inaugural event, DVB DEMOS 2021 provides a chance to see short, sharp demonstrations of innovative products and services based on the… Read More

Promotional microsite for DVB-I implementation launched

A new website – now online at – aims to provide clear information about the benefits of implementing DVB-I, along with links to useful resources. More content will be added over the coming months. Feedback from Members and non-members alike is most welcome! > Visit… Read More

Two new DVB Members: EasyBroadcast and ZDF

The DVB Project is pleased to welcome two new Members: EasyBroadcast and ZDF. EasyBroadcast Headquartered in Nantes, France, and with offices in Paris and San Francisco, EasyBroadcast provides an end-to-end OTT streaming solution enabling the reliable delivery of high-quality video and audio content over the internet or private networks. Read More

Harmonizing broadcast TV and cellular: DVB approves commercial requirements for DVB-I over 5G

The DVB Project has approved commercial requirements for DVB-I service support over 5G networks and systems. Work has already commenced in DVB’s Technical Module to provide extensions to the relevant existing specifications – including DVB-I service discovery and DVB-DASH – to address the use cases and requirements collected and… Read More

DVB prepares the way for advanced 4K and 8K broadcast and broadband television

Commercial requirements approved for the addition of new video codecs to the DVB toolbox. The DVB Project has endorsed commercial requirements for next generation video codecs to pave the way for advanced 4K and 8K services. Work will now commence to investigate the technical compliance of the candidate codecs… Read More

ARD and EKT join the DVB Project

DVB is pleased to announce two new Members: the German public broadcasting organization ARD and the set-top box manufacturer EKT. ARD The ARD – the long form of which translates as the “Association of Public Broadcasting Corporations in the Federal Republic of Germany” – is composed of nine self-governed… Read More