New forum to support DVB-I implementers

The DVB Project has launched the DVB-I Forum, an online community open to anybody involved with or interested in DVB-I implementation. Using a Discord server, the idea is to create a space for asking questions, sharing best practices and providing feedback on the specifications.

With the kick-off of DVB-I pilot activities in Germany and Italy, alongside growing interest from content and service providers, regulators and manufacturers, there is a need and an opportunity for increased collaboration. The DVB-I Forum is designed to allow anybody, regardless of their DVB membership status, to provide input that could ultimately contribute to implementation guidelines for DVB-I or to the addition of new features in the spec.

Discord channels

Several channels have been created on the Discord server. Those leading the commercial and technical work within the DVB Project will be active on the relevant channels, as will representatives of the German and Italian pilots. Alongside a channel for general discussion, the following channels have been created:

  • #spec-feedback – for feedback on the DVB-I specification
  • #feature-requests – suggestions for new features and functionalities that could be added to DVB-I
  • #pilots – for questions and updates on DVB-I pilots and trials
  • #events – for information about any events where DVB-I will be discussed or demonstrated

Joining the online community is straightforward: those who click on the invitation link (below and in the Resource Centre on the DVB-I website) will be asked to verify their email address and agree to some basic rules regarding participation. All new members are also asked to post a short introduction in the appropriate channel.