DVB seeks wide industry input on object-based media

The DVB Study Mission on Object-Based Media (OBM) has issued a survey to better understand which use cases are most relevant for the media industry. All industry stakeholders are invited to view and respond to the survey here: surveymonkey.com/r/dvb-obm

OBM refers to the delivery of multiple elements – objects – that are related to the same programme or content. In DVB systems today there are dedicated specifications for carrying the most common objects, but these are only designed for that single, specific purpose (such as carrying subtitles) and are not normally used for other purposes.

OBM has the potential revolutionize how media is delivered and consumed, especially with regard to the personalization of content. Aside from the base video and audio tracks, media objects can include, for example, alternative audio tracks, sign language or an electronic programme guide (EPG) listing. OBM also opens the possibility of programmes with branching narratives or the delivery of additional elements like statistics for sports fixtures or social media content.

The DVB study mission is examining how objects are being used in the industry and determining:

  • how existing specifications cover the use cases for carrying programming with multiple objects;
  • and whether there are commercial drivers that will justify further standardization by DVB.

The OBM study mission is chaired by Elfed Howells (Huawei).

And while you’re here…

Don’t forget that the DVB Study Mission on Energy-Aware Delivery and Consumption is also currently seeking input from the industry. It too has published a survey, which can be accessed here: surveymonkey.com/r/dvb-eadc