Webinar: Encoding and packaging for DVB-I services (March 2020)

Some of the questions posted during the webinar were answered via the Q&A interface by Paul Higgs and Jon Piesing. You can read the answers here.

The DVB-I specification offers an internet-centric solution for linear television services. While DVB-I service lists can reference services delivered via broadband and/or broadcast, the specification was developed primarily to bring the user-friendliness and robustness of traditional digital television to broadband viewers.

This webinar considers the key technologies for broadband delivery of linear television content. It begins with a short introduction from Paul Higgs, who is the chair of DVB’s TM-I working group.

This webinar is the first part of a three-part series based on the pre-conference masterclass that was planned for DVB World 2020. The conference was cancelled owing to concerns around COVID-19.

The other webinars in this series are:

See also the December 2019 webinar providing a general overview of the first DVB-I specification.


  • Paul Higgs, Business and Technology Development at Huawei Technologies Co. (UK) Ltd – Chair of DVB TM-I Group
  • Rufael Mekuria, Head of Research & Standardization at Unified Streaming – Chair of DVB TM-STREAM Group

Date and time

Friday 27 March, 14:00 CET


  • Introduction to ISO BMFF and DASH
  • Low latency updates and expectations with regard to headends for media and metadata
  • Setting up a service with either a cloud or on-premise headend