Webinar: Building a reference client for DVB-I (April 2020)

The DVB-I specification was published in November 2019. Prior to its publication, DVB issued a Request for Proposals to develop a reference client application for DVB-I, with goal of accelerating deployment of the specification.

Selected on the basis of the RfP issued by DVB, Sofia Digital has undertaken the development of a reference client for DVB-I, with the code to be published under an open source license. This webinar (which took place on Monday 6 April 2020) explains the approaches and design used in the reference client, along with the different application models and how services are managed within the client.

The webinar begins with a short introduction from Paul Higgs, who is the chair of DVB’s TM-I working group.

This webinar is the third part of a three-part series based on the pre-conference masterclass that was planned for DVB World 2020. The conference was cancelled owing to concerns around COVID-19.

The other webinars in this series are:

See also the December 2019 webinar providing a general overview of the DVB-I specification.


  • Paul Higgs, Business and Technology Development at Huawei Technologies Co. (UK) Ltd
  • Juha Joki, Director of Broadcast and Testing at Sofia Digital