Introduction to the DVB-I specification (December 2019)

This webinar provides an overview of the new specification for Service Discovery and Programme Metadata for DVB-I Services.

The DVB-I specification was recently approved by the DVB Steering Board and is available as DVB BlueBook A177.

DVB-I aims to ensure that linear television delivered over the internet is as user-friendly and robust as a traditional broadcast television experience. It offers the possibility for linear television services to be delivered to any device with a suitable internet connection and media player, including TV sets, smartphones, tablets and media streaming devices.


  • Peter Lanigan (TP Vision) – Chair of the Commercial Module subgroup CM-I
  • Paul Higgs – Co-chair of the Technical Module subgroup TM-IPI and leader of the DVB-I Task Force


  • What is DVB-I?
  • Main use cases
  • Status and timeline
  • Service lists and service discovery
  • Programme metadata