Webinar: Making a case for DVB-MABR (July 2020)

In February 2020, the DVB Steering Board approved a new specification for adaptive bit-rate streaming over multicast, DVB-MABR. The solution enables the efficient mass distribution of linear and non-linear media across multicast-enabled IP networks.

With the DVB-MABR specification set to be published as an ETSI standard in due course, the focus has now shifted to implementation. This webinar presents several business cases for DVB-MABR, with real-world examples of the kinds of service it enables.

For a technical overview of DVB-MABR, see this webinar from March 2020.

Date and time

Friday 10 July 2020, 14:00-15:00 CEST


The webinar will be introduced by Christophe Burdinat (ENENSYS Technologies), who leads the DVB-MABR task force within the DVB Commercial Module. There will be panellists from three DVB Members that offer products and services related to DVB-MABR:


  1. Introduction (Christophe Burdinat)
  2. The case for DVB-MABR – OTT over Sat    (Williams Tovar)
  3. The case for DVB-MABR – The case for DVB-MABR – Next Gen IPTV (Julien Lemotheux)
  4. The case for DVB-MABR – Scaling CDNs    (Xavier Leclercq)
  5. The case for DVB-MABR – CDN Backhauling (Williams Tovar)
  6. Conclusion