Webinar: Multicast ABR opens the door to a new DVB era (March 2020)

Richard Bradbury answered many questions via the Q&A interface. A transcription of his answers is provided here (with a few of the questions missing, unfortunately).

Originally scheduled as a presentation at DVB World 2020 (cancelled owing to concerns around COVID-19), this webinar introduced DVB’s new specification for multicast, DVB-MABR.

The DVB-MABR specification has been published as DVB BlueBook A176.

Date and time

Thursday 19 March, 14:00 CET


  • Guillaume Bichot, Principal Engineer, Head of Exploration at Broadpeak
  • Richard Bradbury, Lead R&D Engineer, BBC

Richard and Guillaume are co-chairs of the DVB TM-MCAST group.


Video broadcast has been through several breakthrough transformations. After having been digitalized, adapted to IP carriage (IPTV) and enriched through broadband access (HbbTV), it now has to support new user habits and the associated terminals. Multicast ABR – MABR –specifies how to carry the Adaptive Bit Rate video formats and protocols over a broadcast/multicast feed allowing the support of those terminals.

After an overview of the DVB-MABR architecture, we will look at different deployment cases and the potential evolutions.