DVB-S2X beam hopping formats – Verification & Validation

The materials made available via this page enable validation of the implementation of the DVB-S2X extensions for beam hopping. Several test cases are provided, to allow for a thorough verification of the beam hopping formats. Other features of the DVB-S2X standard can also be tested.

The purpose of the V&V programme is to verify equipment compliance to the standard and interoperability in a defined set of configurations that are considered most significant.


This tool utilizes simulation, in which computer files describing the waveforms are used to assess standard compliance. The objectives are as follows:

  • Ensure the unambiguous description of use cases, protocols and formats.
  • Facilitate the standard implementation process.
  • Ease interoperability between implementations from different manufacturers.

To this end, several system configurations are implemented, to allow testing Annex E Formats 5, 6 and 7, and their specific features, such as:

  • Super-Frames with various lengths
  • Fragmentation from SF to SF and from dwell to dwell SFH and postamble
  • Header of the last PLFRAME, indicating end of the dwell

Three main use cases are represented:

  • HTS satellite carrying plurality of service (cellular backhaul, consumer, in-flight connectivity).
  • Traffic driven, medium capacity and low latency (e.g. VoIP only service)
  • Traffic driven, IoT traffic

For completeness, all frame types are considered, as defined in DVB-S2, DVB-S2X, regular and VL-SNR frames, as well as the VLSNR waveforms defined in Annex E for formats 5 and 6.

Tests included

  • 12 test cases for the regular modcods of the DVB-S2X standard, including the VL-SNR set, with and without pilots, and Annex M PL-headers;
  • 3 tests for the validation of the Dummy Synchronization Frame concept, specified in Annex I of [1];
  • 8 tests for periodic beam hopping with VL-SNR and fragmentation Support (Format 5), to cover single dwell, with application of different scrambling and WH codes, multiple dwells, addressing a single cell or multiple cells, and fragmentation;
  • Two tests covering single and multiple dwells for traffic driven beam hopping with VL-SNR support (Format 6);
  • Two tests covering single and multiple dwells for traffic driven beam hopping without VL-SNR support (Format 7).

Download the tests


All tests are contained in a single zipped archive.