Webinar to set out the business case(s) for DVB-MABR

The webinar series that replaced the cancelled DVB World 2020 conference kicked off with a very well-attended session on the newly approved DVB-MABR specification. While that webinar provided a technical overview of the specification itself, a second one this Friday will focus instead on the business case for adaptive bit-rate streaming over multicast.

Webinar: Making a case for DVB-MABR
Friday 10 July, 14:00-15:00 CEST. Free registration.

The complete phase 1 technical specification for DVB-MABR was approved by DVB’s Steering Board in February 2020. It built on the reference architecture that had been published two years earlier. The combination of IP multicast and adaptive bit-rate streaming enables efficient mass distribution of linear and non-linear media across IP networks while retaining broad compatibility with existing adaptive media packaging technologies, in particular DVB-DASH.

Real-world deployments

With the DVB-MABR specification set to be published as an ETSI standard in due course, the focus has now shifted to implementation. This week’s webinar will set out several deployment options for DVB-MABR, with real-world examples of the kinds of service it enables.

The deployment scenarios for DVB-MABR to be presented will include the provision of live OTT over satellite, next generation IPTV services, scaling of CDNs, and also CDN backhauling.

The webinar will be introduced by Christophe Burdinat (ENENSYS Technologies), who leads the DVB-MABR task force within the DVB Commercial Module. There will be panellists from three DVB Members that offer products and services related to DVB-MABR: Williams Tovar, Solution Pre-sales Manager with ENENSYS Technologies; Julien Lemotheux, Standardization Expert with Orange Labs; and Xavier Leclercq, VP Business Development with Broadpeak.

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