Technical Module

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The Technical Module provides technical expertise and is open to the technical experts of all Members. It also provides a forum for the co-ordination of R&D activities.

The Technical Module works according to Commercial Requirements set down by the Commercial Module. It delivers specifications for one or more Standards via the Steering Board to the recognized standards setting entities, notably the EBU/ETSI/CENELEC Joint Technical Committee.

It provides a conduit to other relevant standardization activities, including MPEG, for the purpose of meeting the objectives of the DVB Project.

While DVB is a commercially driven organization, it is clear that the TM is the “engine room” of the project. DVB members associate a very high priority to the TM and its work.

Jon Piesing
Chair Jon Piesing
TP Vision
Alexander Adolf
Vice-chair Alexander Adolf


TM-AVC (Audio & Video Coding)
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The TM-AVC Group works on all technical issues related to the representation and synchronization of audio and video content in DVB services, including those delivered over MPEG-2 Transport Streams and IP networks.

Virginie Drugeon
Chair Virginie Drugeon
Paul Szucs
Vice-chair Paul Szucs
Simon Tuff
Vice-chair Simon Tuff
TM-GBS (Metadata and Generic Data Broadcast)
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TM-GBS has two main working areas, Metadata and Generic Data Broadcast. Active since the beginning of the DVB Project, TM-GBS has produced some of the core specifications of today’s DVB system (e.g. Service Information, Data Broadcast, Software Update).

Alexander Adolf
Chair Alexander Adolf
TM-IPI (IP Infrastructure)
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The TM-IPI group is responsible for the development of technical specifications for the delivery and discovery of DVB services over IP networks. Active task forces include; DASH TF, on defining a profile of DASH for DVB services; mABR TF on a specification for the delivery of DVB services over IP multicast; DITS TF on a specification for the consumption of DVB services over the internet; TA TF on developing a technical solution for targeted advertising.

Paul Higgs
Co-chair Paul Higgs
Co-chair Matt Poole
TM-S (Satellite)
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The DVB TM-S group is working on the technical specifications related to satellite broadcast. RelevantĀ application areas include video and audio broadcasting; interactive services (direct path), such as internet access, for the consumer market; professional links (SNG, contribution, internet trunking); and interference mitigation.

Vittoria Mignone
Chair Vittoria Mignone
TM-T (Terrestrial)
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TM-T is responsible for all physical-layer technical issues in relation to terrestrial broadcast transmission systems. TM-T takes care of maintenance of the DVB terrestrial standards, including hybrid ones (e.g. DVB-SIS); assisting in technical developments regarding terrestrial broadcast systems outside of DVB; and additional studies related to terrestrial broadcast transmission systems.

Chair Frank Herrmann
Panasonic AVC Langen Development Centre