Broadband Delivery

DVB-I (Service Discovery & Metadata)

Service Discovery and Programme Metadata for DVB-I Services


DVB-I represents the intersection of linear broadcast television and internet media streaming, offering the possibility for linear television services to be delivered to internet connected devices. This specification defines the mechanisms to be used to find curated sets of linear television services that be delivered through broadband or broadcast mechanisms as well at the methods to retrieve electronic programme data for those services.


This specification defines the following:

  • signalling of linear TV or radio services and content that are delivered over broadband
  • access linear TV services that are delivered by broadband in a way that is consistent with their access to linear TV services delivered by RF-based DVB technologies
  • the metadata and mechanisms to present electronic programme guides
  • the integration of linear services delivered by the RF-based DVB tuner and linear services delivered by broadband into a single coherent offering that is accessed through a single consistent UI
  • a method for national TV regulators or their representatives, operators and trademark licensors to offer a list of trusted / legitimate / authorized / regulated DVB-I services

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