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DVB-I over 5G (Commercial Requirements)

Commercial Requirements for DVB-I over 5G


The scope of this document includes the following:

  1. Collecting relevant use cases and commercial scenarios for usage of DVB-I as a service layer on top of 5G Rel-16 technologies taking into account:
    1. The DVB 5G Study mission report [1] for scenario 1 and 2, in particular collaboration scenarios between DVB broadcasters and 5G network operators
    2. Other relevant DVB work in this area, for example native IP, ABR multicast, Targeted Ad Insertion
    3. Developments in the industry, for example convergence towards CMAF, etc.
  2. Identifying coverage of existing DVB specifications for the use cases and identify gaps that may have to be addressed in technical work.
  3. Documenting Commercial Requirements based on the identified use cases:
    1. Focus on the 5G related use cases and delivery systems, but do not exclude non 5G delivery
    2. Identify aspects related to service announcement and discovery, service delivery and service operation (including cases with multiple operators)
    3. Identify the relevant 3GPP specifications that are expected to be referenced
    4. Identify the relevant DVB specifications that are expected to be extended or newly developed by developing a reference architecture for relevant interfaces
  4. Identify early in the process potentially relevant V&V activities, e.g. reference tools
  5. Develop a timeline for DVB technical work and V&V activities
  6. Monitor the relevant work in 3GPP and collaborate with 3GPP as necessary
  7. Monitor the relevant work in 5G-MAG and collaborate with 5G-MAG as necessary

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