DVB-TA in DVB-I over DVB-DASH (Commercial Requirements)

Commercial Requirements for Targeted Advertising in DVB-I services delivered via DVB-DASH


The current DVB Targeted Advertising specifications cover the dynamic substitution of advertising in a linear broadcast. This document sets out use cases and commercial requirements for extending similar functionality to DVB-I services delivered via DASH, in ways that are optimised for and take advantage of the characteristics of broadband IP networks.


This document identifies the use cases which are applicable to the presentation of targeted advertisements in conjunction with linear audio-visual media programming delivered over broadband networks. Since the overall user experience when watching broadband delivered programming to a television based device is expected to be similar to that with broadcast delivered programming, many of the usage scenarios should be applicable equally and it is anticipated that significant reuse of UNI signalling and server side functions is possible. It should be noted that these use cases are defined generically, and any technical requirements and subsequent specifications defined from them should be implementable equally on both hand-held devices such as mobile phones and tablets and fixed devices such as hybrid television sets or IP set top boxes.

Some of the use cases specified in this document identify commercially preferable deployment scenarios, such as the insertion of advertising in the head-end (server) or in the consumer (client) device. Either of these approaches should not alter the perceived experience, i.e. the presentation of advertisements inserted in the server side should have the same audio-visual experience as those inserted in the client side.

This document is intended to be a complete and self contained set of CRs.

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