DVB-TA (Targeted Advertising – Part 2: interfacing and preparation)

Dynamic substitution of content in linear broadcast – Part 2: interfacing an advert decisioning service and optimal preparation


For broadcasters who wish to dynamically substitute advertising in a linear broadcast or for platform operators who wish to enable the functionality for broadcasters, the present document provides guidance relating to the interface with prevailing digital advert decisioning systems and advice on the preparation of media for an optimized viewer experience. The techniques described in the present document may also be applied to dynamic substitution of programme content.


The present document provides guidance and recommended practice for delivering and measuring targeted adverts in horizontal and vertical market deployments using in-market advert technology. The focus of the present document pertains to the context of linear broadcast and the substitution with IP delivered adverts. In so much as information on video and audio encoding/packaging or receiver implementations impacts the advert media served, it is discussed. In-depth technical audio/visual guidance is not given, neither is in-depth information on receiver implementations.

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