Webinar: Introduction to DVB’s Targeted Advertising specifications (June 2020)

Both DVB and HbbTV have this year published their complementary technical specifications for targeted advertising. These specifications are now available to anyone within the industry wishing to implement the DVB-TA framework.

This opens the door for broadcasters and the advertising industry to create opportunities in a space that has until now been largely restricted to the internet and streaming services.

This webinar provided an overview of the new DVB-TA specifications covering signalling, interfacing to an ad decisioning server, and preparation of media, and explained how they are complemented by the related HbbTV specification. It also provided some use case examples and looked briefly at the next phase of TA work within DVB.

Date and time

Tuesday 30 June 2020, 14:00-15:00 CEST


  • Matt Poole, chair of the DVB Technical Module working group on Targeted Advertising
  • Martin Gold (YouView), editor of the DVB-TA signalling specification
  • Angelo Pettazzi (Mediaset), chair of the DVB Commercial Module working group on Targeted Advertising
  • Peter Neumann (Mediengruppe RTL)


  1. Welcome (Matt Poole)
  2. Commercial Background to DVB-TA (Angelo Pettazzi)
  3. Overview of the signalling specification (Martin Gold)
  4. Overview of the report on interfacing to an ad decisioning server and preparation of media (Matt Poole)
  5. Upcoming work on DVB-TA (Angelo Pettazzi)
  6. Q&A (Matt, Angelo and Martin will be joined by Peter Neumann)