Webinar: Beam hopping in DVB-S2X (March 2020)

In 2019, the DVB-S2X specification was updated to add support for beam hopping. In multi-beam satellite systems, beam hopping enables efficient and flexible use of satellite resources for applications such as VoIP, cellular backhaul, Internet of Things, maritime and in-flight connectivity and government.

This webinar explains how beam hopping fits into the DVB-S2X specification and some considerations for its implementation.

Date and time

Monday 30 March, 14:00 CEST


  • Nader Alagha – ESA ESTEC (European Space Research and Technology Centre)
  • Avi Freedman – Satixfy
  • Peter Nayler – EASii IC


  1. Requirements for beam hopping
  2. System scenarios and channel models
  3. General description of new formats for beam hopping
  4. Example system configurations
  5. System performance in selected scenarios
  6. Standard introduction to the market