Road-testing DVB-I: en route for deployment

The DVB-I ecosystem is taking shape, as several markets examine the role it can play in driving a transition to truly converged media delivery.

This webinar will include a detailed update on the ongoing proof-of-concept led by Italy’s Mediaset, as well as information on the reference tools available to those considering DVB-I service implementation and a snapshot of recently added or forthcoming features.

Date: Tuesday 3 May
Time: 15:00–16:00 CEST


As we did not have time to answer all questions during the webinar, the speakers have collated answers in this document (PDF).

Agenda and speakers


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Emily Dubs, DVB Project

A brief recap of what DVB-I is and does. (Those who are not already familiar with DVB-I may wish to first review previous DVB-I-related webinars.)

>Testing DVB-I in Italy – lessons learned and next steps

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Sara Tagliapietra, Mediaset

Mediaset launched a DVB-I proof-of-concept in Italy in late 2019. As the project moves into its third phase, preparing the ground for a possible commercial trial, you’ll learn about the features and functionalities that have been tested and how the ecosystem has evolved to meet the profile defined for the Italian market.

>The role of the central service list registry

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Simon Parnall, Ofcom

Having led the work within DVB to explore and test the capabilities of a DVB-I CSR (central service list registry), Simon will briefly explain why and how it can play a key role in the success of any DVB-I deployment.

>What’s in the DVB-I testing toolkit?

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Mika Kanerva, Sofia Digital

By commissioning the creation of both a reference DVB-I client and a reference CSR, DVB has provided tools to help kickstart both technical and commercial trials. The reference tools were developed on behalf of DVB by Sofia Digital and Mika will explain how they can benefit potential implementers.

>Enhancing the specification

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Peter Lanigan, TP Vision

The chair of DVB’s commercial working group on DVB-I will provide a brief overview of completed and planned enhancements to the original specification, for which the various trial services are a key input.


The panellists will address questions submitted during the webinar. A recording of the webinar will be made available on this page shortly after the event finishes.