DVB @ IBC2023


We will be exhibiting at IBC2023, from 15 to 18 September in Amsterdam. Our booth will host demonstrations of the latest DVB solutions for media delivery and discovery, showing the benefits of our IP and internet-centric specifications.

Find us in Hall 1, stand 1.B73. Use our customer code (IBC1465) to register for the exhibition free of charge, even after the early-bird period has expired.

What can you find on our IBC2023 booth?

  • German DVB-I Pilot – try out the full user experience on a commercially available TV set; broadcast (satellite) and broadband services combined in a single service list with EPG, channel banners, DRM, and more. Winner of the IBC Special Award for Innovation.
  • Italian DVB-I Commercial Trial – get the full user experience for the forthcoming trial open to any broadcaster with authorized DTT LCNs (logical channel numbers) in Italy; broadcast (terrestrial) and broadband services will be shown, with several DVB-I features.
  • Getting more from DVB-I – in collaboration with DTG Testing, Huawei and Vestel, further DVB-I features such as regionalization, catch-up viewing, box sets and more, also bringing the television experience to smartphones and tablets.
  • DVB-I comes to Sat.tv – a proof-of-concept showing how DVB-I can extend the Sat.tv service to smart TVs, enabling easy access to thousands of free-to-air satellite services.
  • DVB-NIP feeding homes and hotspots – a demonstration showing how DVB Native IP broadcasting can be used to send both live and push content to gateways in the home or public locations (e.g. hospitality, transportation, distance education)$
  • DVB-NIP feeding 5G networks – showing how satellite networks can be used to feed 5G base stations thanks to DVB Native IP

Demo handouts

Demo partners

Broadpeak, DTG TestingEasyBroadcastEKTENENSYS TechnologiesEutelsat, Huawei, Inverto, Noovo,  QuadrilleSESST Engineering iDirect and Vestel – along with all the partners of the German DVB-I Pilot and the Italian DVB-I Commercial Trial.

DVB Members at IBC2023

Other stands showing DVB’s IP-centred solutions at IBC2023 include the following:

  • Allegro DVT (5.A25)
  • Broadpeak (1.F76)
  • EasyBroadcast (1.D61) – CMS and applications for DVB-NIP gateways and receivers
  • EKT (1.D61) – DVB-NIP integration with added DRM and files transfer, making it a complete solution for any satellite operator; RDK platform for fully integrated DVB for cable, satellite or terrestrial.
  • ENENSYS Technologies (2.B59) – OTT Over The Air based on DVB-NIP, optimized video delivery using OneBeam based on DVB-SIS, and OTT@scale based on DVB-MABR.
  • European Broadcasting Union (10.D21) – German DVB-I Pilot with dynamic service-list generation, server-side regionalization, playlists, box sets and pop-up channels.
  • Eutelsat (1.D59) – integration of DVB-NIP video distribution with production and distribution workflows using the cloud, in collaboration with Broadpeak, EKT, EasyBroadcast and Amazon Web Services; use of DVB-NIP for satellite contribution to 5G networks (with ENENSYS Technologies); proof-of-concept using DVB-I to extend Sat.tv to smart TVs.
  • Inverto (1.C47) – multiscreen direct-to-home and direct-to-edge use case scenarios for live TV streaming, e-Learning, push VOD, CDN caching and maritime entertainment services over broadcast satellites based on DVB-NIP and DVB-I.
  • Kineton (1.C37f) – Central Service List Registry and TV terminal validation for the Italian DVB-I Commercial Trial
  • Quadrille (1.D61) – in collaboration with SKYflow partners, a live demonstration of a Native IP over satellite solution based on DVB-NIP, showcasing origination, transport, reception, and consumption of MABR, VOD, and files.
  • ST Engineering iDirect (1.A49) – showcasing the SKYflow ecosystem based on DVB-NIP.
  • Viacess-Orca (1.A51) – showing the use of DVB-I technology to enable an “eco-friendly” mode in VO’s player, better matching the video resolution to the screen size.

DVB’s 30th Anniversary

With the DVB Project marking its 30th anniversary this year, we’re planning something special for the opening night of IBC. Read more about our party here.

DVB @ IBC2023 conference

DVB-I over 5G

A Joint Task Force between DVB and 5G-MAG led to the publication of ETSI TR 103 972 v1.1.1, deployment guidelines for DVB-I over 5G.

Thomas Stockhammer (Qualcomm) will present a paper, co-authored by Frédéric Gabin (Dolby) and Richard Bradbury (BBC), on the work of the task force during a session on 5G technology convergence with broadcast.

Date: Monday 18 September
Time: 16:00–17:30
Location: Room E102, RAI

IEEE BTS session on sustainable broadcasting

DVB will contribute to a conference session, hosted by the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society, on Unlocking Sustainability: Innovating a Greener Future in Broadcast and Media.

Date: Sunday 17 September
Time: 14:00–17:00
Location: Room E102, RAI

Elfed Howells, who chairs the DVB Promotion and Communications Module, will speak alongside ATSC President Madeleine Noland on Advancing Sustainable Broadcasting (15:00–15:20).

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