DVB to consider energy efficiency when creating commercial requirements for specs

A DVB study mission on energy-aware service delivery and consumption has delivered its final report, published today as DVB BlueBook S100. Its central recommendation is to create a dedicated working group that will help to ensure energy efficiency is taken into account in the future development of DVB specifications.

The study mission on Energy-Aware service Delivery and Consumption (EADC) was launched in September 2022, recognizing the increasingly urgent need to address the climate crisis. Like many other standards developing organizations, DVB wanted to examine the energy impact of its work and identify what role it can play.

The study mission was tasked with reviewing and analysing how relevant energy-related aspects could be taken into consideration in DVB systems. The report provides an overview of what is currently done in the ecosystem, based on contributions from DVB Member delegates, exchanges with external entities, and responses to a survey launched to seek more inputs from the industry.

New working group

Based on the report’s recommendations, a new subgroup of the DVB Commercial Module – CM-EE – will work transversally to ensure energy efficiency is considered when developing new Commercial Requirements. The report recommends that the group should use a light-touch process, using guidance and suggestions supported by reasoned argument. The group’s terms of reference will be formulated and approved over the coming months. Initial work is likely to consider the four use cases identified in the report:

  1. Common energy-consumption measurement
  2. Energy-consumption exposure
  3. Energy consumption as a criterion for video source or quality selection
  4. Modernization or introduction of more energy-efficient technologies

The EADC Study Mission was led by Julien Lemotheux (Orange) and Erik Reinhard (InterDigital). They will oversee the initial meetings of the CM-EE group, during which a group chair will be elected.

DVB Members can join and follow the CM-EE group here.