DVB RfP seeks test content for AVMSD service-prominence signalling

The DVB Project has issued a request for proposals (RfP) for the creation of streams that could be used to test signalling of service prominence, newly added to the DVB-SI (Service Information) specification. The signalling aims to support the implementation of the EU’s Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD). Responses to the RfP should be submitted by 15 January 2024. Updates will be posted on the RfPs page of the DVB website.

DVB’s AVMSD signalling solution is intended for implementation by horizontal platforms/operators that distribute services deemed as “services of general interest” (SOGIs) and by manufacturers of reception devices targeting horizontal markets that are expected to implement prominence to these SOGIs, as required in markets that are subject to the AVMSD.

Since DVB provides verification and validation (V&V) materials as an integral part of its specification development process, in the case of AVMSD signalling there is a requirement for transport streams that can be made freely available to implementers.

The AVMSD Service Prominence Descriptor is defined in clause 6.4.18 of the latest version of the DVB-SI specification (DVB BlueBook A038r16). Annex 2 of the RfP provides detailed information on the test material to be created by the chosen supplier(s).

The deadline for potential responders to ask questions related to the RfP is 14 December 2023.