DVB fellowship awarded to Martyn Lee in Munich

Martyn Lee, who stepped down as chair of the DVB Commercial Module (CM) on his retirement from Sky last November, was made an Honorary Fellow of the DVB Project during the closing circle at DVB World 2024 in Munich last week.

Honorary Fellowship aims to recognize, on their retirement from active participation in DVB’s work, significant individuals who have made sustained and substantial contributions over the years. The award was created in 2006 and represents the highest honour that can be bestowed upon a participant in the work of the DVB Project.

Martyn Lee was elected as only the second ever chair of the CM in July 2018, replacing Graham Mills (BT, and later of Vodafone). As a representative of Sky, Martyn continued the tradition of a content provider or network operator leading the core requirements capture group. The CM is the forum in which the basic commercial requirements associated with a new media technology are discussed and solidified before being handed over to the Technical Module as the basis for a technical specification or other tool.

Presenting him with the fellowship certificate, DVB chair Peter MacAvock noted that, throughout his tenure, Martyn had had to address some very difficult tasks. Most notably, the CM was the forum to decide on the requirements for what were termed Next Generation Video Codecs. “The CM chair’s patience, deep understanding of the relative positions of the stakeholders, meticulous preparation, and his energy were invaluable in navigating these sometimes troubled waters.”

In addition to thanking his fellow module chairs for their support during his time as CM chair, Martyn had a parting message for his former DVB colleagues:

“If I have one message for you, it’s to ask you to truly value and support DVB’s work by, among other things, delivering the commercial requirements needed by the market, with a particular message to Steering Board members: remember, you have to find ways to rise above your personal feelings and company affiliations at times to do the right thing by DVB.”

He also thanked his former employer Sky, and his manager Kieron Edwards, who was present in Munich for the presentation, for giving him the freedom and support to carry out his DVB role.

As Martyn pursues other interests, notably music, the CM chair’s role has been passed to David Peilow (ESA).