ESA’s David Peilow to chair DVB Commercial Module

David Peilow, who works as a Telecoms Systems Engineer at the European Space Agency, is the new chair of the DVB Commercial Module. He replaces Martyn Lee, formerly of Sky, who stepped down last November having held the role since 2018.

The Commercial Module (CM) is an important distinguishing element of the DVB Project, underpinning the organization’s market-led approach. It is within the CM that commercial aspects of DVB work items are discussed, with the consensus embodied in a set of commercial requirements. The CM also validates the technical specifications, developed by the DVB Technical Module, against these commercial requirements before passing the specifications to the DVB Steering Board for final approval. 

The vice-chair of the CM is Ralf Schaefer of InterDigital.

Experienced DVB contributor

David Peilow has been involved with DVB’s work for more than 15 years. He became chair of the commercial working group on return channel satellite while working at the start-up satellite operator Avanti Communications in 2008, overseeing the definition of the DVB-RCS2 standard. He contributed to the commercial requirements for DVB-S2X and later became vice-chair of CM-S, the commercial working group on satellite, when CM-RCS was folded into it in 2017.

After implementing the first Ka-band earth stations in the UK, David worked in Munich on high-throughput satellite links for the International Space Station, before moving to the European Space Agency as a Telecoms Systems Engineer. Now based in the Netherlands, his work involves oversight of projects covering all aspects of satellite communications, from new antenna developments to the implementation of new infrastructure based on DVB technologies and occasionally interplanetary missions.

A keen technology enthusiast, David follows consumer electronics developments across a range of topics with interest, while enjoying films, live music and exploring his newly adopted country.