DVB-RCS2 (Second Generation Return Channel Satellite) - System

DVB-RCS2 System Level Specification


EN 301 790 defines the first generation of DVB-RCS which is a system providing an interaction channel for satellite distribution systems. Together with its guidelines (TR 101 790) the present document describes how such system can be built on the physical and MAC layers to provide an efficient way of turning a satellite broadcast TV into a full VSAT solution capable of transporting IP traffic in a satellite-only system.

Since the original definition of DVB-RCS systems, several versions of the standard were issued, describing the requirements for the implementation of a system providing an interaction channel for satellite distribution systems.

The sum of these specifications allowed to adapt the DVB-RCS systems to different market segments from small to large networks and from fixed to mobile terminals but it appears that the evolutions of the physical layer techniques and the stabilisation of IP standards now deserves deeper changes which can only be implemented in a consistent way via the definition of a second generation system.

The requirements in the present document have been introduced in order to provide the best possible interoperability between terminals and hubs, thus defining not only the lower layers of the system (up to layer 2) but also network functions as well as management and control capabilities.

As these requirements combined together may end up in a very complex terminal design, the present document also describes subsets of capabilities known as profiles that can be used together to address a given market segment.


The present document establishes the system specifications for the 2nd Generation Interactive DVB Satellite System (DVB-RCS2) and represents the first part of the multi-part specification of that system. It also gives links to the adequate sections into the detailed specification documents and explains how the features should be combined together to make a terminal compliant with different subsets of specifications mentioned here as profiles.

General terms and definitions are given in the present document which can be found also in the other parts of the DVB-RCS2 multi-part specification.

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