DVB-RCS (Second Generation Return Channel Satellite) - Higher Layer

DVB-RCS2 Higher Layer Satellite Specification


The present document specifies the functional requirements for the higher protocol layers for the DVB-RCS2 satellite interactive system specified in ETSI EN 301 790. The present document applies for the transparent star satellite network, mesh transparent overlay and mesh regenerative satellite networks as defined in ETSI EN 301 545-2, and it is concerned with RCSTs connecting LANs via satellite to other networks like e.g. the Internet, as an implementation of the lower layer protocol layers specified in ETSI EN 301 545-2.

The present document is normative for the user plane and control plane, and informative for the management plane. For the latter, the specifications are provided as recommendations to guide in aligning implementations of M and C, aiming at a future enhancement to become a normative specification also for the management plane. For this purpose, the specification provides abstraction models, and recommends protocols and managed objects and structures that relate to these models. The recommendations aim at minimizing the gap between early M and C implementations and a future normative specification for the management plane.

The current non-normative recommendations for the management plane are intended to be extended by implementation dependent adaptation to create bilateral interoperability. The recommendations aim at making such adaptation a simple task.

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