DVB-RCS2 - NGSO (Commercial Requirements)

Commercial Requirements for the use of DVB-RCS2 in Geostationary and Non-Geostationary Systems

Executive Summary

The DVB-RCS2 Standard is aimed at providing a variety of interactive services to consumers as well as professional and governmental users.

Existing systems typically provide shared capacity from GEO satellites, with throughputs of up to 100 Mbps per user in the downstream. DVB-RCS2 has been serving multiple customers across all market segments for more than a decade with this type of service, building on the features available from DVB-RCS for almost 25 years.

Recently the launch of constellations of satellites into other orbits (so-called NGSO) using proprietary access schemes has reawakened interest in extending the features of DVB standards to enable their use in such a system. Commercial and governmental entities have expressed an interest in adding the necessary signalling and beam handover features needed for a DVB system to operate in a LEO or MEO constellation and hence the original DVB-RCS2 commercial requirements have been extended here to incorporate the necessary features.

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