TV over 5G – bridging the gap with DVB-I

Thursday 20 January, 14:00–15:00 CET

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While 5G technologies – defined by 3GPP – can provide IP-based unicast and broadcast connectivity to any device, DVB can bring its core competence when it comes to the definition of services and the look and feel of television, independent of the access network. For this, DVB has approved a set of commercial requirements for DVB-I service support over 5G networks and systems.

The key technology is DVB-I, functioning as a universal service layer facilitating collaboration between DVB broadcasters and 5G network operators.

This webinar provided a realistic status update on the development of technologies for TV delivery using 5G systems, with a particular focus on how DVB is contributing to the harmonization between the worlds of broadcast and cellular networks.

Agenda, presenters and slides


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Emily Dubs, DVB Project

A brief introduction to DVB’s current work on internet-centric specifications for media delivery from the organization’s Head of Technology.

>The big picture

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Thomas Stockhammer, Qualcomm

DVB created a set of commercial requirements for DVB-I over 5G. The leader of that work will explain what they cover and how the different parts of the work fit together.

>The technical work

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Frédéric Gabin, Dolby

DVB is collaborating with 5G-MAG to develop specifications based on the commercial requirements for DVB-I over 5G. Frédéric Gabin, who chairs 3GPP SA4 – Multimedia Codecs, Systems and Services, will explain the objectives of the technical work

(5G-MAG gathers stakeholders from across the media sector to collaborate on a market-driven implementation of 5G solutions for the production and distribution of audiovisual media content and services.)

>The validation work

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Johann Mika, ORS

The 5G-MAG Reference Tools task force aims at establishing a developer community and at creating common open source reference tools to support the implementation and interoperability of 5G Media technologies. The task force leader, Johann Mika, will explain what the work entails and how it links to DVB-I.

>5G Broadcast – where does it stand?

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Mohamed Aziz Taga, Rohde & Schwarz

5G Broadcast has been extensively trialled in several markets and contexts, but how close is it to real commercialization? And what are the missing pieces – in regulatory, business and technology terms – to make service roll-out a reality? As Head of Business Development for 5G Media Services, Mohamed Aziz Taga is ideally placed to provide some valuable insights.


The panellists will address questions submitted during the webinar. A recording of the webinar will be made available on this page shortly after the event finishes.