Setting the standards for the future of television – what we’re working on and why

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A quickfire series of focused discussions that provide a comprehensive overview of all ongoing work in the DVB Project directly from those who are leading the work.

In less than an hour, you can catch up on how the next generation of television is taking shape – and it’s also the perfect opportunity to prepare for June’s DVB World 2023 unconference.

Date: Thursday 1 June
Time: 15:00–16:00 CEST

What’s on the agenda?

We spend 10 minutes on each of the five topics highlighted below, with a quickfire discussion in each case to find out what work DVB is doing, why that work is happening (and why it’s happening in the DVB Project), and where the greatest challenges and opportunities are seen for the future.

The discussions are moderated by Eoghan O’Sullivan, and DVB’s Head of Technology, Emily Dubs provides an introduction and wrap-up.

Discussing DVB’s direction on…
…SERVICE DISCOVERYPaul Higgs (Huawei) – leads the technical work on DVB-I
Peter Lanigan (TP Vision) – leads the work on developing the commercial requirements for DVB-I
Thomas Stockhammer (Qualcomm) – co-leader of DVB’s joint task force with 5G-MAB
…BROADBAND DELIVERYGuillaume Bichot (Broadpeak) – co-leader of the technical work on DVB-MABR (multicast adaptive bitrate)
Christophe Burdinat (Ateme) – leads the commercial requirements work for DVB-MABR
Rufael Mekuria (Unified Streaming) – leads the technical work on DVB-DASH
…THE EVOLUTION OF BROADCASTTom Christophory (SES) – co-leader of the technical work on DVB-NIP (Native IP)
Régis Moulin (Eutelsat) – co-leader of the technical work on DVB-NIP (Native IP)
Thomas Wrede (SES) – leading DVB’s commercial requirements work for satellite
…CODING AND CONTENT FORMATSJason Power (Dolby) – leads the commercial requirements work on video and audio codecs
Jan Outters (Ateme) – works alongside Jason on the CRs for codecs
Paul Szucs (Sony) – currently leading the technical working group for video and audio codecs
…NEW WORK AREASPaul Higgs (Huawei) – leading the study mission on volumetric video
Elfed Howells (Huawei) – leading the study mission on object-based media
Erik Reinhard (InterDigital) – co-leader of the study mission on energy-aware delivery and consumption


The panellists will address questions submitted during the webinar (time permitting). A recording of the webinar will be made available on this page shortly after the event finishes.