Webinar: HDR Dynamic Mapping (February 2020)

During 2019, DVB revised its specification for the use of video and audio coding in broadcast and broadband applications (TS 101 154) to include optional solutions for HDR dynamic mapping. The solutions allow a receiver, such as a TV set, to adapt a High Dynamic Range video signal to the characteristics of the display, for improved quality compared to the baseline HDR PQ10 signal.

This webinar will present an overview of the HDR Dynamic Mapping solutions from both a commercial and technical point of view


  • Jason Power (Dolby) – Chair of DVB CM-AVC
  • Virginie Drugeon (Panasonic) – Chair of DVB TM-AVC


  • Ultra HD and HDR in DVB standards
  • What is HDR dynamic mapping?
    • Commercial considerations
    • Technical explanations
  • Three HDR dynamic mapping solutions