DTT Deployment Data

This page provides a snapshot of the status of digital terrestrial television (DTT) deployments around the world.

DVB Members can access a detailed database (login required) tracking the implementation of digital terrestrial television globally. The database is maintained in collaboration with the European Broadcasting Union and Broadcast Networks Europe.

DTT system choice map

DTT system implemented or adopted (Source: DVB/EBU/BNE DTT Deployment Database, November 2023)

The map above illustrates that DVB solutions are used for terrestrial broadcasting in most parts of the world. The main exceptions are North and South America, where ATSC and ISDB-T respectively are dominant.

Both China and Japan use their own self-developed systems.

DTT system choice chart

Number of countries having adopted or implemented a given DTT system (orange) and the combined population of those countries (blue). (Source: DVB/EBU/BNE DTT Deployment Database, November 2023)

DVB-T and/or DVB-T2 has been implemented or adopted in 147 countries worldwide.

DTT services on air

(Source: DVB/EBU/BNE DTT Deployment Database, November 2023)
* figure includes ~10 countries with payDTT only.

As illustrated in the map and chart above, DTT services are on air in 82% of the world’s countries, representing 91.3% of its population.