Will DVB-T2 transform TV broadcasting

At the recently concluded ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2011 in Kuala Lumpur industry experts discussed the roll that DVB-T2 will play in the global broadcasting landscape.
Also under discussion was the very successful results of a recent four day trial and workshop of DVB-T2 in KL earlier this year, during which two of the days were spent taking field measurements of the DVB-T2 signals strength and signal quality in and around the Malaysian capital. More than 120 participants from 16 countries joined the trial.
John Bigeni, DVB’s representative in Asia, said that DVB-T2 has already been adopted by more than 20 countries and will have profound impact worldwide on TV broadcasting; its efficiency gain cannot be ignored as it brings with it significant benefits to governments, broadcasters and consumers.
DVB-T2 provides 50% more usable bit rate than any other Digital Terrestrial Television standard including DVB-T; it can be used in existing DVB-T networks, allows transmitters further apart in a single frequency network and has an improved carrier to noise performance.
Main source: Asia Pacific Broadcasting April 2011
Item added: 18th April 2011