Webinar – What do we need from 3D TV Standards?

Join DVB CM-3DTV Chairman David Wood for a Webinar to find out!

The DVB Project began work on 3D TV in 2009. There are currently two groups working on 3D TV. One is the CM-3DTV group, chaired by David Wood, which is preparing commercial requirements for 3D TV.  Based on its findings, the DVB technical specifications for 3D TV will be developed.

The purpose of the Webinar is to outline the elements of 3D TV systems, and to relate them to the commercial requirements that are being considered. It is likely that there will be two phases of 3D TV systems, to respond to two sets of commercial environments. The webinar will explain why this situation has arisen, and what the main consequences will be for 3D TV standards. The webinar will also consider timescales for the DVB Project, and the relationship of the DVB work to the work being done in other bodies such as HDMI, the ITU, the SMPTE, and the ISO/IEC MPEG.     

The webinar will last about 40 minutes, and participants will be able to submit questions and issues for discussion at the end of the webinar.

When: Friday June 4, 2010, 14:00-14:45 CET Space is limited, so please reserve your seat by registering here. Registrations are open to both DVB members and non-members.

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