Webcast on Java TV Software

December 16: Live Webcast: Java – the Industry Standard for the Future of TV Content

Source: The Java Source (Oracle)

You might not know this, but Java is running in more than 80 million television devices world-wide.  Its running in every single Blu-ray player, in a large number of cable set-top boxes and is at the heart of many of the digital TV standards (Tru2way, Ginga-J, etc) that will be driving the next wave of digital, interactive content.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, Bill Sheppard, Oracle’s Chief Digital Media Officer for the Java Development Group will be hosting a live webcast on December 16th that will step you through many of the TV standards where Java is playing a key role and will also show you a demonstration of a futuristic Java-based user interface concept.

Who should attend:

1) OEMs interested in building IPTV devices with Java
2) Developers and ISVs looking to build content for the emerging TV applications market
3) Content providers interested in learning more about Blu-ray and related standards
4) Anyone interested in learning more about the future of digital TV content

When:  December 16th 2010, 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (19:00 CET)

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