Updated DVB-T receiver specification released

The communications regulator APEK has published a new updated requirement specification for DVB-T receivers to be used in the Republic of Slovenia.
This is the latest specification and replaces the previous release dated the 25th April 2008.
The document details the minimum requirements for HD and SD DVB-T receivers and covers the need for UHF and VHF reception capability as well as the ability to decode the, MPEG-4, H.264, AVC compression format and the need for one DVB-CI slot.
The document goes on to say that the use of MHP or other forms of interactivity are also possible requirements in the future but are not a requirement of the latest specification.
The full document can be accessed on the APEK website by clicking on the “source” link.
Source: APEK website
Item added: 11th November 2008