In a recent article, published in the DVB Scene, Martin Ungerer, Engineering Manager of MultiChoice Africa, filled in details of the recent Namibia DTT project.
The service is based on the 8K format and transmits six encrypted services to approximately 3000 subscribers in Namibia’s capital Windhoek. An FEC of 2/3 and a 60 watt VHF transmission on Channel 13 provides a very rugged system to cater for the possibility of inferior quality home installed antenna systems. The test bed is an ideal way to gain knowledge for future projects.
The encryption is done at the head-end in Johannesburg, South Africa and the EMM’s (Entitlement Management Messages) and ECM’s (Entitlement Control Message) along with the services are sent via satellite to Namibia.
The full article can be seen in the June DVB Scene, edition 14, just click on the following link