Update on France

Latest figures show that over 6.8 million DTT receivers had been sold or rented in France by the end of 2006.
According to GfK, 4,725,000 receivers had been purchased, of which 2,800,000 were set-top boxes, 900,000 were iDTVs and 950,000 were computers with an integrated DTT tuner.It is estimated that 19% of television households accessed DTT services at the end of 2006, compared with 13% in August 2006.
A consultations on Mobile TV has been opened by the CSA.
The public consultation aims to gather industry opinion on the content offering, business models and frequency usage. The consultation coincides with the National Assembly’s upcoming debate on a proposed media law, which would allow for the introduction of mobile television services. Responses must be sent to the CSA by 1st March 2007.
A consultation on HDTV is also taking place and will end on  the 15th February 2007. The consultation paper can be retrieved by clicking on CSA
Sources: CSA website, Associated Press and Digitag
Item added: 18th January 2007