UK’s HDTV haves and the HDTV have nots

United Kingdom Broadcasters warned that the UK will soon have a two tier television society, at a recent DTG summit in London. Public service broadcasters, retailers and manufacturers challenged the government not to allow Ofcom’s plan to auction off the spectrum required for the launch of terrestrial HDTV services.
David Youlton, DTG chairman, said that “The spectrum belongs to the citizens of this country and this is such an important public services issue that our elected representatives, not Ofcom, should be responsible for making such a far-reaching decision on our behalf.”
If HDTV is not provided on the terrestrial platform then only those with enough money to subscribe to cable or satellite will have access to these services. Terrestrial viewers will be restricted to SDTV only, creating a two-tier viewership.
Initial source: IBE
Item added: 13th March 2007