UK HD now viewed in 160,000 households

BskyB’s High Definition satellite service is estimated to have signed up 140,000 customers by the end of 2006. In addition another 20,000 households are reported to be receiving HD via cable from the NTL/Telwest service. This brings the current number of household viewing HD in the UK to 160,000.
It is also estimated that there are now 2.4million HD-ready screens in the UK, bought primarily because they are flat but also possibly with future proofing in mind so that consumers are ready for HD DVD players or new HD services when they are available in the future.
Terrestrial broadcasters and TV manufacturers have also been lobbying for HD services to be given space on the Freeview platform, but at present, there isn’t the necessary spectrum space available and when it is, at analogue switch off, the government intends to auction the space for a variety of possible services and not specifically for HD.
Main source: DTG News
Item added: 6th January 2007