UHF TV band, from 790-862 MHz allocated for Broadband Internet

In 2009, the French government plans to invite candidates to tender for the provision of broadband access to Internet services for 100% of the population.
In order to do so, it has decided to allocate frequencies in the upper part of the UHF band, from 790-862 MHz, for the provision of such services.
These frequencies correspond to the revision made to the ITU Radio Regulations at the last World Radiocommunications Conference 2007 (WRC-07) in which national administrations allowed for the introduction of mobile telecom services in the frequencies from 790-862 MHz.
Previously, the frequencies from 470 to 862 MHz had been reserved exclusively for broadcast services on a primary basis.
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Source: Digitag Web Letter November 2008
Item added: 17th November 2008